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 a robin black hawk

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PostSubject: a robin black hawk   Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:55 am

Had people asking to show the interior of this Black Hawk limited edition since I got it, if you haven't heard about it.....

the car was from micheals of Selby about 2008 which they sold from new aswell (michaels sold about 6 of them but ive never seen another one)

I remembered the car in there showroom in 2008 and it was mint, for a lot of money! sadly the next owner didn't care much about it, it lasted until 2010 with 44k when the head gasket went and he chiselled the head off damaging the head and destroying the block, then after not much caring he stole lots of parts off it and sold it to one of those buy your car off your drive companies in 2013.

then I bought it about 2 weeks ago, was touch and go if I got it or not as a banger racer was Eger to get it from this salvage yard, even came with a thick history file about the car too.

Black was a rare colour reliant ever used from the factory, as it ment more work had to be done on the body as black paint shows imperfections more easily

Well work done on it so far is another engine fitted with a similar mileage (car was in a scrapyard which galv was falling of chassis), a full new exhaust system, rebuilt carb etc

Im waiting for the radiator brackets at the moment so I put the interior back together, the dash & doorcards are in black unlike 1990s reliants and the seats are strange, they look like mk1 robin seat covers but the seat frames are the later 1990s wider, fatter seat foamed ones, all look original

michaels of Selby also say they had this interior too, so very strange lol

still got plenty of things to finish off, the center dials, got a new radio and speaker set to fit too
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Emma K

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PostSubject: Re: a robin black hawk   Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:28 am

Seats are definitely Mk 1 Robin. Congratulations. Another one saved and a nice restoration.
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a robin black hawk
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