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 Fuse limits

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PostSubject: Fuse limits   Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:02 pm

I have a 1999 Robin that a few mechanics hove worked on in New York so I don't think the electrics are what they should be but they by and large work so I don't want to totally rewire the car,

I had a fuse blow and it affected the windscreen wipers, the brake lights and the indicators, the fuse I replaced had no load limit printed on and the other fuses (4) in the box varied from 4amp to 35 amp. I replaced it with a 10amp.

A couple of questions, the 35 amp seems pretty high, should I go with a lower load for safety sake and is the 10amp too high, if so what should I replace it with.

The upgrades to the electrical system I've done is to replace the original rear light set up with a hard wired bulb system and to upgrade the alternator from a 40amp to a 65 amp plus install a high end Honda battery. I upgraded the alternator as I have 2 amps that were killing the 40 amp original every 1500 miles.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Fuse limits
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